USDA Water & Wastewater System Improvement Projects - Summer 2024

The Village of Decatur is excited to announce the beginning of USDA Water and Wastewater Systems Improvements Projects.

Contract A: Water Main Replacement - Investment $2,207,860.00
General location description: A portion of Pine Street, Austin Boulevard, Cedar Street and the entirely of Kinney Road, Lee Avenue, Douglas Drive and Memory Lane will be the primary location for construction. Description of proposed work: 7,300 feet of water main replacement including, valves, hydrants and customer service water lines. Restoration will include roadway improvements consisting of the crusting and shaping of the existing HMA pavement, HMA resurfacing, sidewalk improvements, pavement marking, signage replacement, and grass restoration. Description of traffic impact: during the construction local traffic on the above refenced streets will be maintained while through traffic may be impacted. Some temporary driveway closures may be experienced for a time during active installation of watermain, roadway repaving, and pouring of concrete sidewalks.


Contract B: Wastewater Lagoon Improvement - Investment $1,884,750.00
General location description: Wastewater lagoon site along the south of Carl Wickett Boulevard. Description of proposed work: sludge removal from Cell 1, flow monitoring equipment improvements, shear gate valve replacements, and modification/improvements to banks of Cell 2 and Cell 3. Description of traffic impact: no direct impact on traffic. Some increase in construction vehicles/truck traffic is expect tin the immediate area.  


Contract C: Sewer Pipe Lining - Investment $536,569.00
General location description: various locations throughout the Village including short segments of Pine Street, Cedar Street, Carl Wickett Boulevard, South Street, Prairie ronde Street, George Streets, Burgess Road and Delaware Street. Description of proposed work: approximately 6,300 feet of sanitary sewer pipe lining. Pipe lining is accomplished through existing manholes. No surface disruption/excavating is anticipated as part of this work. Description of traffic impact: because pipe lining is a rapid procedure, traffic impacts at any one location will be short term. Lane closures are expected for a period of one to two days at each location.

Contact Information: For questions, please contact Village Hall at 269-423-6114