What are the differences between Village and Township

Knowing what your local government is doing during the day is important. It is important to know where to start asking questions. Many questions start with, "What is a Village"? "What is a Township"? Which one works for me? How do I get involved? How do I get a hold of my local elected official?

The following abstract of general governmental information will provide some answers to those questions for residents with the zip code of 49045.

The more we know about local government, the more we can communicate, educate and make a difference in a productive and effective way thought-out our community. Below you will find additional information about state, county and local government. 

State of Michigan, Office of the Governor
State of Michigan, Michigan Senate
State of Michigan, Michigan House of Representatives
Van Buren County 
Decatur Township - Hamilton Township
Decatur Village

Additionally, some general contact information for our local elected officials can be found below.
Decatur Township, Van Buren County, Michigan
Supervisor, Kevin Kusmack, 41361 74th Ave, Decatur MI 49045, tx 269-423-8588
Clerk, Katie Hartwell, PO BOX 33, Decatur, MI 49045, tx 269-436-8069
Treasurer, Katelin Makey, 82153 42nd Street, Decatur, MI 49045, tx 269-423-6260
Trustee, Thomas Stull, 209 E. St. Mary's Street, Decatur, MI 49045 tx 269-423-7897
Trustee, Matthew Kusmack, 207 Prairie Ronde, Decatur, MI 49045 tx 269-423-8438

Hamilton Township, Van Buren County, Michigan
Supervisor, Carol Druskovich, 45140 M-51, Decatur, MI 49045, tx 269-423-7866
Clerk, Rebecca Mott, PO BOX 35, Decatur, MI 49045, tx 269-423-7852
Treasurer, Sandra Hanson, 75406 56th Street, Decatur, MI 49045, tx 269-674-8780
Trustee, Karen Makay, 77900 CR 385 S, Decatur, MI 49045, tx 269-423-7852
Trustee, Richard Conway, 53268 Territorial Rd, Decatur, MI 49045, tx 269-423-7852

Village of Decatur, Van Buren County, Michigan
Click here for Village Council information. Additional Departments can be contacted here