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Since its beginning, Decatur has attracted a variety of industries that have helped the area grow and draw in new settlers and residents. The first settlers arrived at “Little Prairie Ronde” in 1829 to farm the rich soil and take advantage of the abundance of the surrounding lakes and forests. The coming of the railroad in 1848 determined the location of the Village of Decatur and also opened the door to the industry.

By the turn of the 20th century, Decatur had attracted sawmills, a tannery, a stave factory, several flour mills, grain, and produce warehouses, and a stockyard. Immigrants from Ireland, Holland, and central Europe poured into the area surrounding the village to farm the fertile land.

This history of industry and spirit of commerce continues in Decatur today. Ideally situated between Detroit and Chicago on I-94, Decatur offers business owners a sound employee base and room for growth.


Decatur Public Schools are committed to providing every student with the academic challenges and support necessary for individual success. With nearly 1,200 students from pre-Kindergarten through twelfth grade, our staff commits to the belief that “it takes a village” to raise a child. That’s why Decatur Public Schools shows its dedication to student advancement with state-of-the-art technology facilities, computers in every classroom, new gym facilities, and more.

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While there are over 50 companies involved in Decatur’s Chamber of Commerce, a handful of large companies drive Decatur’s economy.

Special-Lite, Inc. produces high-quality Fiberglass Reinforced Polyester, Aluminum Flush, Stile and Rail, Colonial, Wood Grain, and Sanitary doors in many customs and standard configurations to meet your needs.

Midwest Fasteners is the second largest employer in the Decatur area with over 100 loyal employees. Midwest Fasteners is an industry leader in the manufacturing and supply of Stud Welded Fasteners and Stud Welding Systems. The company recently completed a large expansion making room for its expected growth.

Cargill:  In July 2013, Cargill acquired the grain storage and crop inputs assets of NorthStar Grain LLC and associated properties in Decatur in southwest Michigan. Cargill is an international producer and marketer of food, agricultural, financial, and industrial products, and services.  In the United States, Cargill’s grain storage business has more than 115 farm service centers in 18 states with 1,500 employees. It is one of more than 70 businesses within Cargill. Founded in 1865, the privately held company employs 142,000 people in 67 countries.  Cargill helps customers succeed through collaboration and innovation, and is committed to applying its global knowledge and experience to help meet economic, environmental, and social challenges wherever it does business.  For more information, visit
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